Lighting Sources for Your Home

, Lighting Sources for Your Home

When decorating a home’s interior, most homeowners only focus on the furniture selection, wall paint and room accessories. Lighting is also important to consider but most people often overlook this aspect. In fact, lighting has the power to greatly affect the character of a room. The right lighting can transform your dull room into a very stunning space. It can also make your small rooms look larger. When selecting lighting for your rooms, aesthetics and functionality are two important factors to consider. Try to select lighting that can maximize the beauty of your room as well as functionally illuminate your space.

There are various lighting sources for your room such as natural light or electric lamps. Each source has its own plus points and effects for your room. Below are some lighting sources you can choose for your home:

1. Natural Light: Homeowners should try to make use natural light as much as possible. Sunshine is not only a free lighting solution but it is also a healthy light source. You can use doors or windows to let the daylight penetrate your room. If you have a narrow space, you can use a door with stained glass to let the sunshine enter the room. In addition, you can install a skylight to obtain more natural lighting in the room.

2. Ambient Lighting: This is general lighting for any room and usually is located in the center of the room. Ambient lighting is usually provided by standard fixtures that you can mount on the ceiling. If you wish to adjust the softness of the lighting, you can add a dimmer switch, but make sure that the dimmer can be used with the type of lamp you intend to use; some dimmers only work with older incandescent bulbs that are inefficient. A dimmer helps you adjust the illumination level based on the mood that you want at any given moment. You can improve the effect by adding other light sources like accent lighting.

3. Accent Lighting: This lighting performs the function of accentuating certain areas of your room or to show off favorite objects. This light will focus on single area so that one’s attention will be drawn to that spot. If you want to highlight your favorite paintings, you can use a track light. Meanwhile, you can use halogen bulbs or fluorescent strips to accentuate glass items.

4. Task Lighting: This lighting is useful to illuminate specific areas such as for reading, cooking, working on hobbies or even shaving. These activities need accuracy so proper illumination is essential. It is a good idea to choose lamps that can be angled in many ways such as long-stemmed or gooseneck lamps. Clip-on spotlights are also ideal choices as these can be placed anywhere.

To select the right light source, make sure that you know the function of the room. A beautiful lamp won’t give its best benefit if it doesn’t suit the activities in the room. So, select a lighting source wisely to fit your needs.


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