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Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting

For over 100 years, Progress Lighting has been committed to providing a diverse selection of high quality lighting fixtures. They offer products that deliver aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, easy installation and value.

Progress Lighting

Progress Lighting is the #1 choice for decorative lighting among builders and remodelers, and one of the largest resources for residential and commercial lighting. Progress Lighting offers over 5,000 lighting solutions for any of your project needs. We, along with Progress Lighting, are committed to offering a wide selection of different, unique, high quality lighting fixtures and offering you products that deliver an aesthetic appeal, with easy installation and good values.

For over 100 years, Progress Lighting has diversified, expanded and grown to offer a wide range of products in every area of the lighting market in the United States and in Canada. Due to innovative designs, Progress Lighting has never sacrificed quality and price which gives customers uniquely designed budget friendly products.

Progress Lighting has established a diverse range of styles. From ornate traditional to simple contemporary styles, any design style you are looking for can be accommodated. Each product is timeless and designed to shine. Each product becomes an investment to your home that will last for many years and prove worthwhile. Also provided is a variety of classic and temporary finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, satin nickel, brass, bronze, and copper.

With a passion for beauty, value and selection, Progress Lighting is dedicated to elevating the quality of life through lighting. Offering innovative designs from indoor lighting to outdoor lighting, Progress Lighting's large range of products include ceiling fixtures, pendants, chandeliers, bathroom lights, wall sconces, landscape lights, spot lights, and more that can be used in any style bringing satisfaction to any design.


Lighting Solutions

Adding new lights or retrofitting an existing installation can be time consuming for many installers. Have a look at our options for Progress Lighting. We are here to help anyone that needs assistance and are a phone call or an email away.

Ceiling Lights
Close To Ceiling || Pendants || Chandeliers

Wall Lights
Bathroom Lights || Wall Sconces

Outdoor Lights
Wall Lanterns || Post Lanterns || Landscape || Outdoor Ceiling || Spot || Step Lighting

Ceiling Fans


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