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cheapest led recessed light bundles

Recessed Directional Spot Lights

Recessed Directional Spot Lights

If you are looking for a recessed light trim that provides maximum flexibility for a multitude of applications, these are the ideal trims for your project. When your application requires a controlled lighting effect, these adjustable lights provide just the solution for you.

Recessed Lighting

Affordable Lighting Solution is your source for recessed light housings and trims. Whether you are installing a new recessed light or replacing the trim on an installed light to bring new life to your space, we offer a wide assortment of recessed lighting fixture options.

New construction housings nestle between ceiling joists and are typically installed during construction. Remodel housings fit into holes cut into an existing ceiling space. Your insulation further determines the type of housing you need: if your ceiling has insulation, use an IC-Rated housing to ensure 3 inches of clearance and avoid fire hazards. You can use Non-IC housings if you don't have insulation, or if you make certain that you have a sufficiently large gap separating your housing and insulation.

Once you've settled on your housing, you'll also need a trim, which is the visible ceiling counterpart to the recessed, invisible housing. Trims come in a variety of sizes and styles and tend to match specific housings. The simplest way to shop recessed lighting is to find your trim, and then add the corresponding housing.


LED Recessed Lighting

Adding new LED lights or retrofitting an existing installation can be time consuming for many installers. Have a look at our complete line of LED recessed trims and housing. We are here to help anyone that needs assistance and are a phone call or an email away.

LED Retrofit Lighting

4" LED Housing || 5" LED Housing || 6" LED Housing

4" LED Trims || 5" LED Trims || 6" LED Trims


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